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The stories behind a fascination with anime

Junior Kayla Leung shows off her merchandise filled room.

Kripa Mayureshwar

September 13, 2020

uickly drawn into the world of Japanese anime and  entranced by the animation and complex storylines, junior Kayla Leung has been a fan of anime ever since she had seen fans post about shows online. Through memes, cosplays of characters and other show related content, Leung has changed her opinion of a...

Anime club’s ambitions and objectives for the school year

Pictured from left to right: President Elisia Hsu and Vice President Stella Wang.

Claire Wen and Annie Zhang

September 28, 2018

President of the MV Anime Club and senior Elisa Hsu started watching anime at just three years old, and has been doing so ever since. With a whirlwind of personal favorites on her list, Hsu recalls the first anime she liked: “Case Closed,” otherwise known as “Detective Conan,” is an ongoing anime...

Five anime shows to de-stress with over winter break

Five anime shows to de-stress with over winter break

Mingjie Zhong

December 15, 2016

fter a grueling week of finals, MVHS’ two-week-long holiday break is finally here — and with its arrival, some students may not know what to do with their sudden but precious free time. Two weeks of break from school, classes and exams is the perfect time to start something fun and relaxing, whet...