Anime club’s ambitions and objectives for the school year

Pictured from left to right: President Elisia Hsu and Vice President Stella Wang.

Pictured from left to right: President Elisia Hsu and Vice President Stella Wang.

Claire Wen and Annie Zhang

President of the MV Anime Club and senior Elisa Hsu started watching anime at just three years old, and has been doing so ever since. With a whirlwind of personal favorites on her list, Hsu recalls the first anime she liked: “Case Closed,” otherwise known as “Detective Conan,” is an ongoing anime with an accumulation of 465 episodes.


Hsu’s love for anime inspired her to serve as club president, and she has new initiatives for the school year ahead. For example, one of their plans is a field trip to Fanime, a four-day anime convention held in San Jose in May.


“We have planned it before but we just never had it,” Hsu said. “So one of our goals is to have it at the club, to go to Fanime. We haven’t thought too much about [monetary expenses] yet. I think that will be complicated enough [to plan].”


Wang’s collection of anime DVDs. Photo used with permission by Stella Wang.

Similarly, vice president senior Stella Wang has intentions to reinvent the club. As the former art director, she noticed that the club mainly watches anime TV episodes. However, she would like to introduce other activities, such as also watching anime movies from Studio Ghibli, like “Spirited Away,” “Kiki’s Delivery Service” and “My Neighbor Totoro.” Additionally, the two officers strive to integrate Japanese culture into their club.


“This year we will be having collaborations with Japanese Club because a lot of anime scenes are related to culture,” Wang said. “So we plan [to introduce some] culture in [watching] anime.”


Hsu and Wang are also planning to incorporate the Japanese language into club activities.


“We’re planning to have some more activities like anime karaoke that’s related to Japanese [culture],” Hsu said. “So that can have more people who are taking Japanese to enjoy.”


However, both of the officers agree that the main goal of their club is a place where students can relax, as the officers consider the club a “non academically related” haven.


“We like everyone to come to our meetings,” Hsu said. “And to just chill and watch anime and enjoy it.”