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The Student News Site of Monta Vista High School

El Estoque

The Student News Site of Monta Vista High School

El Estoque

MVHS students frequently ask each other for help through online forums such as Discord and Slack, where they receive help from their peers. | Photo by Megha Mummaneni

Little acts, huge impacts

Megha Mummaneni and Suhana Mahabal December 8, 2023

Di was ½ r^2 dm right   dv=pi*r^2dx  its just a volume of an infinitely thin cylinder   Oh ok thanks Scrolling through the Physics C Discord, one would find hundreds of screenshots...

Where are you really from?

Megha Mummaneni and Asha Wojciechowski December 8, 2023

As English teacher Derek Lu was enjoying his time on a first date in San Diego, his mood suddenly changed when he was confronted with a statement that left him unsettled.  “He just suddenly blurted,...

Beyond the numbers

Sarah Liu, Megha Mummaneni, and Kalyani Puthenpurayil November 3, 2023
Schools should not be ranked solely by their academic achievements
Rob Walker shares personal details about his son’s fentanyl poisoning.

Cupertino Rotary Club holds “The Fentanyl Poisoning: Real Talk About Fake Pills” presentation

Megha Mummaneni and Asha Wojciechowski October 20, 2023
The presentation was hosted in partnership with the Fremont Union High School Foundation, the Fremont Union High School District and the Cupertino Union School District
According to a survey of 159 people from MVHS, 43% of students believe the school does not have adequate lunch options.

Got lunch?

Megha Mummaneni and Asha Wojciechowski September 29, 2023
Evaluating the impact of school meal options on students with dietary restrictions
Sophomore Monisha Preetham attempts to gain possession of the ball from an opponent.

Field Hockey wins 5-0 against Wilcox High School

Aletheia Ju and Megha Mummaneni September 13, 2023

Varsity Field Hockey won 5-0 against Wilcox High School on Monday, Sept. 11, in its first league game of the season. While the score was 0-0 by the end of the first quarter, the team quickly picked up...

Students note that parental controls can sometimes feel overly restrictive, with 52% of MVHS students reporting that they feel dissatisfied with the controls on their device(s).

Under CTRL

Anika Bhandarkar and Megha Mummaneni May 31, 2023
Examining student and parent opinions on parental controls
Man on the street: Can you solve this riddle?

Man on the street: Can you solve this riddle?

Jami Lim, Megha Mummaneni, and Riya Murthy May 12, 2023
Testing MVHS students and staff's abilities to answer puzzling riddles
Senior Aris Yang (left) practices his part before the Fall band concert on Oct. 28, 2022.

Performing with perfect pitch

Megha Mummaneni April 24, 2023
Exploring life through the ears of a high school musician with perfect pitch
Students are often compelled to not apply for financial aid, considering the stigma around doing so in wealthy communities.

Facing financial aid

Megha Mummaneni and Eric Zhou April 12, 2023
Exploring the stigma against applying for financial aid in Silicon Valley
MVHS principal Ben Clausnitzer sent an email to Monta Vista students and parents two days after a video of a student saying a racial slur circulated among staff members.

BREAKING: MVHS student uses the N-word in a video shared with staff

Megha Mummaneni March 4, 2023
On March 2, an email concerning a racist video was sent to the MVHS community
Didnt work out

Didn’t work out

Megha Mummaneni February 16, 2023
Students reflect on their experiences following a failed relationship
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