Boys Soccer beats Milpitas High School 3-2 in an intense game

Matadors crush the MHS comeback with a goal in the last five minutes of the game


Brandon Xu

The MVHS team celebrates and poses for a photo after winning the game. Photo by Brandon Xu

Pranati Kotamraju, Alan Tai, and Brandon Xu

Varsity Boys Soccer won against Milpitas High School 3-2 in a close game on Tuesday, Jan. 24. MVHS started the game with an early goal by sophomore Shlok Shrivastava and a second goal scored through a penalty, keeping a lead of 2-0 throughout the first half. However, late in the second half, MHS scored two goals, tying the score at 2-2. However, in the end, MVHS scored a goal in the final five minutes, securing its win.

Junior and center attacking midfielder Pranai Raina credits the win to junior and striker Arnav Mahadev. Mahadev scored the penalty for MVHS and was injured, scoring the third goal that put MVHS in the lead. 

“It was a loose ball, him against the goalkeeper,” Raina said. “He shot it but the goalkeeper ran into him. He sacrificed one for the team. That’s what you got to do to win these games and he really pulled through at the very end.”

According to Raina, while MVHS was more confident in its victory due to their early goals, the team could have been more careful in the second half. Freshman and goalie Vedant Agarwal agrees that the team’s performance worsened after the second goal, which allowed MHS to score two goals in succession. However, he believes the team came together at the end, saving the game.

“I think the entire team played really well together at the end of the game,” Agarwal said. “Everybody was so excited that our feelings just drove us [to] this [win]. The last 10 minutes [played] a key role because [the] through balls were actually going through.”

Mahadev also believes that the team’s performance could improve, but is glad that the team won the game as a result of its hard work.

“We haven’t been playing our best recently,” Mahadev said. “This [game] is a great bounce back for us to get back into it. Fortunately, we were able to get a comeback, but if that didn’t happen, we would have ended up with a tie. Today we got the result we wanted, and the hard work paid off. I think it’ll continue going forward.”