Football dominates Lynbrook High School 42-0 in its Homecoming game

Matadors start off strong and maintain their winning streak throughout the game


Kalyani Puthenpurayil

Junior Hamza Moharram goes in for a tackle in the beginning of the first quarter.

Varsity Football dominated Lynbrook High School during its Homecoming game with a score of 42-0 on Friday, Oct. 14, bringing its league record to 2-3. After senior Greyson Mobley scored a 61-yard touchdown five minutes before the first quarter ended, MVHS kept the momentum going, scoring a total of six touchdowns in the following quarters..  

Junior Nathan Diaz attributes the win to Homecoming spirit and an abundance of communication within the team. He notices a shift in the team dynamic from its last game against Mills High School, which MVHS lost 20-14.

“We had to make a statement during this game,” Diaz said. “A lot of emotions came through for the team as a whole. It was very energetic because we really wanted to win this Homecoming game [since the] last game was a really close game [and] we could’ve won at the last second.”

Diaz says that the players motivated each other throughout the game and communicated well, which allowed MVHS to maintain a strong lead in the first half with four touchdowns. 

The score remained stagnant during the third quarter, but senior Jason Yang says the team was able to acknowledge its weaknesses and overcome them. This allowed the team to score two more touchdowns during the fourth quarter by Mobley and junior Aakash Parashar. 

“We were prepared for them [and it] led to us winning points,” Yang said. “[In] all our games, we’re always down [in] the first half, so we wanted to emphasize having a good set for this game.”

Yang hopes that the team will be able to implement the mentality of starting off stronger in future games, especially in the upcoming Helmet game against Cupertino High School on Nov. 4. 

“It was really good morale because this is the first win that we were [able to] dominate the entire game,” Yang said. “[For] all of our other wins, we had to come back and fight for the wins. But [in] this game, we just destroyed them.”