Catadors #2: The secret to happiness

School can be tough, but it’s important to take time for yourself.

Sonia Verma, Graphics Editor


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Panel 1: School can suck at the beginning.

Panel 2: It can be hard to focus.

Panel 3: Sometimes it gets lonely.

Panel 4: You might fail a test or two. (I know I have).

Panel 5: And it seems like due dates blur into a neverending stream of work.

Panel 6: At times it feels like caffeine is the only thing keeping you going.

Panel 7: It’s important to value “in-between time” – transition time between working. Maybe it’s walking home from school or 10 minutes of reading squeezed between study sessions. Despite the million other things we keep ourselves busy with, even if we spend five minutes doing something we love,

Panel 8: we might ourselves just a little bit happier.