Football falls to Lowell High School 53-14

MVHS falls to Lowell High School in its third home game of the season


Kripa Mayureshwar

MVHS players huddle together following a play

Lance Tong and Kripa Mayureshwar

Coming off a blowout 58-6 win against Burton High School, the Matadors looked to extend their two game winning streak in their game against Lowell High School on Sept. 17. The Matadors lost 53-14, scoring only two touchdowns, both in the first half of the game. With the loss, the Matadors’ season record is now 2-2 and they have yet to play a league game. 

On MVHS’ first two drives, the Matadors caused two turnovers, flipping the field for LHS. Senior Luke Bowman says that these turnovers were partially due to a lack of focus.

“I think we were a little too optimistic about the game, judging from our last game, we kind of went into this game expecting it to be a breeze,” Bowman said. “But those first couple of drives really put us on our heels, we really needed to start focusing from that point on. We got a little too cocky from the beginning.”

Bowman also noticed that the team lacked aggression — he adds that they “needed to be more explosive and have more of a drive against the other players, whether it was the offense or defense.”

Despite the turnovers, the Matadors’ defense induced two interceptions and a turnover on downs. 

MVHS’ defense allowed 53 points, the most points allowed in any game of the season so far. The team’s next game is at Saratoga High School on Sept. 24, and SHS comes into the game with a record of 0-4. For both teams, this will be their first league game of the season. Chow says that MVHS must be focused and ready in preparation for the game.

“I’d say [we] just need to practice harder, like we need to go 100% in our practices and practice how we play,” Chow said. “And I would say [that] the score doesn’t really define our team, it’s just a reminder for us to go 110% every time.”