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Profiles on 2018 Cupertino City Council Candidates

About the Writers
Charlotte Chui, Copy Editor
Charlotte Chui is a junior and arts & entertainment editor for El Estoque. She previously served as a multimedia copy editor, and this is her second year on staff.
Jasmine Lee, News Editor
Jasmine Lee is a junior and a first-year news editor. In her free time, she is putting together soundtracks for various developers, editing stories and playing with her puppy.
Andrea Perng, News Editor
Andrea Perng is a senior and news editor. When not writing stories, Perng enjoys playing video games and writing exams for Mock Trial.
Dhruvika Randad, Staff writer
Dhruvika Randad is a first-year staff writer, as a sophomore, on El Estoque. In her free time, she loves to read lots of books, write poetry, and have fun.