Korean Club: Crossing over into new zones

Monta Vista and Cupertino High School’s Korean Clubs collaborate to host an interdistrict event

Claire Yang

Cupertino High School Korean Club public relations officer and sophomore Jiwon Lee looked around, pleasantly surprised by the number of students in attendance. So many familiar faces, and so many unfamiliar ones.

On Oct. 26, the Korean Clubs of Monta Vista and Cupertino High School collaborated to host the first interdistrict event in years. At 4 p.m., students trickled into CHS’s quad, bopping along to the K-pop music blasting through the speakers. They scatter to each of the three stations set around the quad — the first piled with boba drinks, the second decorated with a backdrop to operate as a photo booth and the third stacked with blank encouragement cards to be sent to South Korea’s senior citizens.

Click through the pictures below to see the events of the meeting: