Urban Soul Movement: A member and some of his favorite moves


Alyssa Hui

Urban Soul Movement is a MVHS club that focuses on learning and practicing breakdancing. It meets every Friday after school in room D109, the dance room. Senior Joshua Citajaya shows off three different moves that he has learned and practiced during his time at USM.

The Chair FreezeScreen Shot 2018-03-23 at 2.35.41 PM

Demonstrating a move called the chair freeze, Citajaya supports his weight with his hand, foot and head, facing towards the ceiling in a still position.

Freezes are a technique used in breakdancing where the dancer stops and holds a specific position that usually requires balance. There are many different ways to get into different freezes. One move Citajaya likes to do in order to get into the chair freeze is a left leg coffee grinder, where he swings his left leg under him then up over his body, before settling in the chair freeze position.

The Flare

Citajaya shows off a power move called the flare. He carries out this move by planting his right hand on the ground next to him, swinging his legs out in front of him and then switching to his left hand on the ground as his legs come around.

The Two-Step

The final move Citajaya does is called the two-step. He switches his legs and feet while turning in a circle and supports himself with his arms.

As the year goes on, Citajaya and other USM members practice and refine their skills in breakdancing, performing in events such as Octagon’s Cure Cancer Cafe and the Marquesas’ Spring Show.