It’s all in the details: embroidery with Fashion Club


Chan’s materials for the workshop tutorial. They consist of thread, paper, and a small container. Photo by ZaZu Lippert.

Karen Sanchez

As students trickled in as the rain poured down outside on Thursday, November 17, junior Chantelle Chan, Fashion Club’s vice president, gathered a group together and began explaining how to add the details that can make or break a garment: embroidery.

Senior and Fashion Club president Kavin Sivakumar has been encouraging non-senior officers to lead events in order to get ready for the coming years ahead, and Chan wanted to take on the challenge of teaching students how to embroider. While it may seem like a small feat compared to creating a garment, senior officer Sian Yongyuth emphasizes the importance of embroidery.

“Intricate detail are coming in style and I think floral has really integrated [its] way into fashion,” Yongyuth said. “You see flowers on almost everything, so I think having the embroidery details makes things more expensive.”

Junior Rahel Eckstein and senior Bhavya Appanngaari, regulars at Fashion Club meetings, both have a bit of experience with embroidery, and enjoy coming to meetings to learn new skills like this. Appaagaari had done some embroidery during middle school at science camp, and now hopes to work on expanding her skills in fashion in general, and embroidery is a path to doing so. Eckstein, who did embroidery in middle school, agrees with Yongyuth on the ability of embroidery to bring a piece to life.

“It can brighten it up, make it look better, give it details,” Eckstein said.

While the meeting was smaller due to the rain, Fashion Club members and officers alike learned that sometimes, it’s all in the details.