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Photo by Anirudh Chaudhary.

Anirudh Chaudhary

Deciding whether to intern or work over the summer is not usually something students have to think too hard about. Usually, students already know what they plan to do, and don’t give too much thought into choosing one over the other. It is not uncommon for students at MVHS to hold part time jobs, especially in their senior year— a source of revenue for a student establishes independence, as well as helps pay for college in the future. However, a trend is growing among students to choose summer internships over a part-time job. We conducted a survey where we asked students whether they had internships or jobs over the summer. We also asked them to identify their core values, to see whether this preference of internships over jobs is a symptom of a larger change in MVHS culture.



Monta Vista students who favor working show a very clearly outlined work ethic in their values. These students are more likely to empathize with other who work in hard labor or blue collar jobs, while always putting others before themselves in their daily lives.

The growing population of interns, however, show drastically differing values. These students are groomed to look after their own status, like grades or professional experience. Interestingly, these students also value positive relationships between others and themselves. They are more likely to empathize and care for others, however, they lack the hard-working attitude to make difficult decisions or actions for those who need them the most.

As young adults with social lives in full bloom, most of what defines us is how we interact with others. Monta Vista is changing from a school whose students are willing to bend over backwards to get stuff done and make sacrifices for others to one whose students maintain only emotional relationships and look after themselves.