Can’t Stop the Feeling: Bhangra dancers prepare for their final performance


Shriya Deshpande

One team, one practice every Friday, one final performance for the school year: as the Bhangra team prepares to spring into their performances, they receive a final word of advice and a wealth of encouragement from team captains who have since graduated MVHS.


In one of their final practices, Bhangra dancers prepare for their cumulative Spotlite on India performance. Spotlite on India will be their opportunity for seniors to showcase every twist, turn and hop that they have practiced during weekly Friday practices.

Junior Kashish Singal focuses on mastering a full turn in the routine, paying particular attention to the position of his arms and ensuring that he does not travel as he turns. This is just one of several routine parts that Singal, along with the rest of the Bhangra team, has to perfect.  

Captain Gokul Pillai and junior Mansi Reddy plays close attention to the music and the dancers around her before jumping into the routine. Having a high energy level throughout the performance is one of the most difficult parts of dancing well and each Bhangra team member has to work to maintain their energy.

Ex-captains Tanaya Sawant and Rekha Nagarajan perform an entire routine for the Bhangra team to enjoy and observe technique. Throughout the approximate 7-minute performance, they prioritize maintaining form, using strong facial expressions and being energetic. Both Sawant and Nagarajan offer their observations about MVHS’s current Bhangra team and in what ways it has changed or remained the same since their own time on the team.