Future Practicing Physicians Network holds annual dissection meeting


Andrea Schlitt

On April 19, Future Practicing Physicians Network held their annual dissection meeting, attracting a room full of eager members. According to FPPN president and senior Shriya Perati, FPPN holds dissections on different body parts each year—sheep brain in 2014, sheep heart in 2015 and cow eye in 2016. This year, they returned to the sheep brain and partnered for the first time with MV Neuroscience to help members identify specific parts of the brain.

“Many of our members seem to really like the dissections,” Perati said. “It allows students to physically see what they may have learned about in a biology or physiology textbook, giving them a different level of familiarity- something that is important as a physician.”
Follow the steps below to virtually experience the brain dissection.

1) Members began by carefully removing the brain from its packaging.

2) Members were then instructed to carefully cut the brain using a mid-sagittal cut. This would allow them to have access to more internal parts of the brain.

3) Officers instructed members in how to identify certain parts of the brain. For example, these included the pons, medulla, frontal lobe, temporal lobe, and occipital lobe.

Click through the photo album to below to see more of the brain dissection meeting.

FFPN Brain Dissection