MVHS Marquesas hold annual auditions


Ilena Peng

At the USA Nationals competition in Anaheim, Calif., the Marquesas became national champions for their kick routine. Yet it also marked the end of their 2016-2017 competition season. Now, the Marquesas are getting ready to head back to work with their new 2017-2018 dance team. On March 19, new dance team captains juniors Kristin Li and Tiffany Liu, along with the new officers junior Caitlin Malone and freshman Jennifer Huang led a workshop teaching auditioning dancers the routine for tryouts. As of now, the new 2017-2018 dance team has been announced, leaving the Marquesas poised to plunge headfirst into another busy year of dancing.

Officer and freshman Jennifer Huang demonstrates the way the body should be positioned during a type of jump called a calypso. The jump was just one of many technical elements that were a part of the Marquesas’ audition routine.
Junior Emily Nastari rehearses the routine. Since the dancers went through the dance several times during the workshop, some of the dancers skipped certain jumps or kicks during some of the run-throughs to save energy.
Junior Jessica Kimm practices as the other students watch from the side of the room. After reviewing the routine, the dancers split up into smaller groups to perform the dance.
Junior Erin Lewis rehearses the routine in her small group. Dancers paired up to form groups and would receive feedback from their partners after running through their routines.
Incoming freshman Ellie Kim will be one of the new members of the Marquesas next year. Among the other returning members of the Marquesas who were re-auditioning, students who will begin attending MVHS next year also tried out.

Photos by Ilena Peng