Link Leaders host Capture the Flag game for the class of 2020


Stephanie Lam

FullSizeRenderSenior Matthew Ho  labels each person as either a one or a two. Though the count was random, freshmen and Link Leaders were almost equally divided among the two teams .

Freshmen and Link Leaders stand on the sidelines of the football field as Link Leader senior Matthew Ho label them off as either a one or a two. Once the two groups are divided, all of them scatter across the field until Link Leaders seniors Lillian Wu and Hannah Phan yell out: “Ready, set, go!”

On Friday, March 31, Link Leaders hosted a Capture the Flag game for the class of 2020 during lunch on the upper field. After the game ended, Link Leaders provided boxes of Otter Pops, colorful icees, for the freshmen who attended.

According to Link Commissioner senior Veda Ashok, Link typically tries to incorporate activities with the freshmen a few times every semester.

“We had dodgeball in the past, so we [tried] to change it up this time. We were thinking about karaoke or dance games, but decided on Capture the Flag,” Ashok said. “[Capture the Flag]  was a little bit different, but it was still something we all thought [would be] really fun.”

Freshmen, Link leaders and a couple of other class members who secretly snuck into the game laughed and argued over frisbees and footballs flying into the other team’s territory.  

IMG_2298Freshmen and Link Leaders play a round of Capture the Flag with each other. Teams needed to recover items, such as frisbees, from the other team’s side in order to win the game. 

Although the attendance itself for the event was low, Link Leader junior Tavisi Sharma considered the event as a successful bonding experience for the freshmen.

“It [was] a good experience to get to know the freshmen this year.” Sharma said, “It kind of makes us more like a school, united because everyone here in the school is like really busy with just work, so this was kind of a good way to just get a little stress off.”

Several minutes before the end of lunch, Link Leaders handed out the strips of brightly colored ice pops to the players. As the bell rang out, signaling the end of lunch, everyone, with their mouths stained by the artificial  color of the Otter Pops, left the field smiling.

IMG_2306Senior Veda Ashok rips off Otter Pop strips for the freshmen and Link Leaders after Capture the Flag. Even though everyone who wanted the colorful icee received one, there were still multiple packets of Otter Pops left over.