Tips and tricks for an easy life


Sara Entezarmahdi

It has come to my attention that we, as a society, face many awkward and uncomfortable situations throughout our lives. Whether it be feeling unsafe, patronized, or attacked by other members of society, it’s for the better to prevent these problematic situations before they start. Observe the drawings below and understand your place in society to better ease the tension which many people feel.



Document 3917_image2Document 3917_image1



Intimidating your male coworkers? Know your place and take on the work yourself! Remember to remain respectful and lady-like.


Document 3917_image4 Document 3917_image3






Walking on the street as a person of color? See someone about to cross paths with you and they have this uncomfortable look on their face? No worries! Simply go to the other side of the road to eliminate any concern they may have.


Document 3917_image6 Document 3917_image5






Have non-masculine hobbies as a boy? Quick fix — replace your ‘girly’ hobby with a more manly pastime. Basketball, maybe?


Document 3917_image7 Document 3917_image8








Getting too much attention with those scandalous and provocative shorts? No problem! Enjoy your beach day in jeans for minimal attention and stares.