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Victory for all: no more email talk

Brighton Balfrey

Chances are, almost every time Americans have turned their TV’s on during this election cycle, they have heard about Hillary Clinton’s emails. Clinton’s secretive server itself and the confidential, embarrassing and just downright stupid content within the emails have dominated both our nation’s newsrooms and living rooms. The word “email” now has a negative connotation, solely due to the word’s association with the scandal encapsulating Clinton’s campaign.

Americans casted their ballots today towards their favored candidates. By the end of the night, we will know who our next president will be.

But Nov. 9 is going to be a victory day for all Americans, no matter the outcome. This election has become an international spectacle, as foreign observers are watching American politics fall apart, while Americans themselves are struggling to make sense of the controversy surrounding it all.

Trump and his supporters have used social media and the news to continually bring up Clinton’s email scandal.

Trump and many of his followers have even wanted Clinton to be brought to trial over her emails.

Donald Trump on Clinton emails: Lies, lies, lies – CNN Video

Quite frankly, people are tired of hearing about emails. Clinton made a huge mistake, and it could even attest to her character, but at this point the full story is already out there. Although it has been established and acknowledged by both sides that Clinton had a private email server and did some precarious things on it, it has gone completely overboard. Yes, everyone understands what happened. Now it’s time to move on.

So on Nov. 9, every American will have reason to celebrate. Our next president will have already been decided, and we will hopefully be spared from hearing more about someone’s emails and the controversy surrounding them. When politics are brought up, real issues like foreign policy, healthcare, education and drugs might actually get the coverage they deserve, rather than the focus being on a server that doesn’t even exist anymore.

Too bad the election will be over, and we will have to wait and see whether or not our next election will have its own email controversy to waste time over.