Fashion Club: How to sew a hair bow


Andrea Schlitt

Whether it’s on a dress, a shirt or pants, bows are a go-to item for prominent designers of the fashion world. And that’s no exception for the budding designers of Fashion Club.

Members added their own creative flair to the techniques taught by Fashion Club officers, as a variety of patterns and techniques came into being. Follow the steps below to make your own hair bow.

1 Pick a rectangular piece of cloth to use. Most fabrics will work, but avoid ones with holes such as tulle or lace.

2 Fold the cloth in half lengthwise with the pattern on the inside and sew along both of the short ends and the open long end.

3 Turn the piece of cloth inside out and sew the open side.

4 Bunch the piece of fabric into a bow shape that you like, then wrap the middle with a small strip of fabric.

5 Sew the fabric bunch together through the middle strip.

6 Trim any loose ends, and sew a clip onto the back side of the bow.