Urban Farming: How to make Succulent Decor

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Urban Farming: How to make Succulent Decor

Stephanie Lam

They look like cactuses — almost. They have that attractive green color, but instead of prickles, they’re smooth and blossom like a flower: meet the succulent.

These tiny and unique plants are the perfect size for home decor. Growing succulents is a simple way to let out your inner botanist — you won’t need a green thumb to grow these hardy plants. Here are some easy steps to getting started.


    • 6 ounce mason jar
    • Mason jar ring
    • Small succulent — one that can easily fit into the jar
    • ¼ cup Sand
    • Rocks and pebbles
    • 1 1/2 cup of soil
    • Plastic spoon   


Step 1: Use a damp paper towel to clean your mason jar if there is anything in the inside or the outside.

Step 2: Add ¼ cup of sand and shake the jar to make the sand even. Then add your rocks, dropping them in the jar on top of the sand, one at a time, until there is an obvious visible layer around the jar. Add the 1 ½ cup soil on top. It should be able to cover the rock layer.  

Step 3: Using a plastic spoon, carefully remove succulent from the box. Start off by gently pushing the spoon into the pot, and then run the spoon around the perimeter of the succulent to loosen it.

Step 4: Take the spoon again, but this time, push it into the soil and swirl the soil to create a well that can fit the length of the succulent and its root. Once you have made it deep enough, gently place the succulent in. Add additional soil if the succulent cannot go in all the way.

Step 5: Take the outer ring of your mason jar cap, and twist it around the top of the jar until it is in place.

Step 6: Admire your new succulent. Place in a sunny spot, and make sure to water it at least once every two weeks.