Campus Question: What happened to second semester Club Promo Day?


Andrea Schlitt

With course selection over, students have begun to look at another aspect of their high school career: clubs.

Club Promo Day is an opportunity to gain exposure to the clubs on campus, and when junior Surbhi Gupta heard that it wasn’t happening for second semester, she felt a little disappointed that she wasn’t able to discover clubs that she didn’t join during first semester.

I do a sport first semester, so I don’t have that much time to be involved in clubs,” Gupta said. “It’s nice to have it in second semester because I’m aware of what clubs are on campus but usually by this point in the year I would’ve forgotten if we don’t have those club promo days.”

According to senior Carrie Bullard from Student Life Commission, Club Promo Day is only scheduled for one time in September, although in previous years it has been scheduled for twice a school year. She said that having it at the beginning of the year allows freshmen and new students to gain interest, and newer clubs have the ability to reach out to members then.

We don’t do it during second semester,” Bullard said, “typically because the amount of new clubs is usually small enough [that] hosting another Promo Day wouldn’t provide substantial benefits to the clubs.”

Due to the inability to promote clubs on a universal day for second semester, some clubs find it harder to gain new members.

For WiSTEM officer sophomore Tiffany Wang, the loss of second semester Club Promo Day makes it hard for students to get information on clubs. She also believes that holding promotional events outside of club promo day can be difficult, since it takes time to pass motions and most promoting is done from person to person.

“We rely heavily on Club Promo Day to promote our club,” Wang said, “so it’s a lot harder to try to recruit more members through the spread of word or through food fundraisers.”

Although Club Promo Day won’t be taking place this semester, Club Food Day is still scheduled for April 8. The heavy rain for the past couple of weeks has pushed the date back, according to Bullard, but the event will still be taking place.