Lost: First year teacher finds his way at MVHS


Chetana Ramaiyer

Everyone here has had their first day, whether it was good or bad. Teachers see freshmen experience their first days with the same anxious, lost expressions on their faces. And as their first first day gradually becomes their last, their expressions aren’t so lost anymore. But what about a teacher’s first day? Some have been around for decades, and some have only been here for a couple of months. Every teacher had their own first day here at MVHS, and each one might’ve felt confused, maybe scared, maybe even lost.

MVHS literature teacher Randy Holaday first started teaching at MVHS in August of 2015. After a couple of years teaching college students, Holaday realized that he wanted to be more involved earlier in the student’s writing process. As it is his first year teaching high school students, Holaday was not only a new teacher on campus, but he was new to the job as well. Click below to hear more of Holaday’s story as a new teacher.