What to expect from the Winter Rally


Amanda Chan

Winter Rally Infographic“Lit— Hella lit.”

That’s how sophomore Andrea Chang, an ASB Bull Spirit commissioner, describes the upcoming Winter Rally in a couple of words. For this rally, ASB has big plans— it’s a Star Wars-themed team rally.

Below, Chang and ASB secretary senior Lian Song explain the different aspects of the Winter Rally.

It’s a team rally.

The last team rally that MVHS had was two years ago, with the theme “superheroes vs. supervillains.” Freshmen and seniors are traditionally on one team and sophomores and juniors are on the other team. Because of the mostly positive feedback, ASB decided to host another team rally this year.

“We decided it would be a nice idea to have a team rally mostly because we use team rallies to change the pace and break it up,” Song said.

The theme is Star Wars.

With the new Star Wars movie that came out in December, someone in ASB suggested a Star Wars themed rally, Chang remembers, and immediately most of ASB agreed to this idea. Freshmen and seniors were assigned the Dark Side and sophomores and juniors are the Light Side.

“I mean, who doesn’t like Star Wars?” Chang said.

The Winter Rally isn’t as popular.

Chang admits that the Winter Rally has never been as publicized as the other rallies at MVHS.

“The Winter Rally, it’s not Homecoming. It’s not as big,” Chang said. “We try to publicize it as much as the other rallies, but because there’s no high school tradition with it, as there is with Homecoming, it’s harder to make it big.”

Chang believes that the Winter Rally isn’t as important to MVHS students as the other rallies, but ASB continues to promote the Winter Rally to the best of their abilities. As ASB does for all school events, promotion occurs at school and through social media. ASB’s primary social media site is Facebook, as they find it easier to create events and organize information than on other sites. ASB also has a Snapchat account (mvhsmats) and an Instagram account where they promote school events, but they feel they receive the most traction from Facebook.

“Facebook is great way to connect and communicate all the information to get people to come to the rally,” Song said.

For students that don’t have social media, ASB spreads the word through posters on campus and by word of mouth.

Co-written by Amanda Chan and Nanda Nayak.