Students make use of early dismissal during Finals Week

Renee Pu

The finals week schedule is a bit different from previous years — instead of going home at 3:30 p.m., students will not have class after 12:30 p.m.. Students plan to make use of this extra time in many different ways; some regard it as a chance to relax, while others believe that it is a good opportunity for review and study. The following infographic is three students sharing their plan after school during the finals week from Monday to Wednesday.

Practicing Spanish with friends
On Tuesday afternoon, junior Claire Wang plans to go to her friends house to practice for the Spanish test. Since her house is just next to her friend’s, she is going to have lunch at her own house after she goes home when the school releases the student at 12:30 p.m.. Then Wang is going to walk over to her friend’s place. Joined by another student, they are going to practice vocabulary and grammar of Spanish to prepare for the final exam on Wednesday.

A Combination of stress and relaxation
Junior Michelle Chang is going to spend a relatively relaxing Wednesday afternoon with drawing and watching videos, but she will make sure it is after she reviews for the stressful APUSH test on the next day. When her mom is on a business trip and her dad returns from one and needs to take a rest, Chang is going to cook some dumplings for herself as lunch after she bikes home from school. She plans to work on an intense self review session by going over all the notes throughout the semester for two hours in the afternoon.

After that, Chang believes that she deserves to take a break from the pressure, so she is going to watch some interesting videos, such as animes, funny videos and game videos, on Bilibili, a unique video website from China. Chang will turn to her sketch book after a half hour of videos and draw out some characters through imagination. She always enjoy doing so, but early release from the school gives her the privilege to enjoy drawing and relax on finals days.

A divided plan
Since Sophomore Morris Chiang is specifically concerned about math, he makes a different plan for math review from his plans on other days of the final. On the day before, Chiang will go home immediately after 12:30 p.m. and bury himself in the world of math. He will go over the notes and complete every single question on the practice problem set provided by the teacher.

On other days, Chiang is planning to stay at the school library until 3:30 p.m., which is the time the library closes from Monday to Wednesday, and study with a group of friends. He believes that studying together decreases the pressure from the test and provides them opportunity to help each other out. Chiang says that he is ready to skip a meal for studying, if necessary.

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