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Badminton: Senior night dawns with 26-4 victory over Palo Alto High School

Badminton: Senior night dawns with 26-4 victory over Palo Alto High School

Brandon Chin May 20, 2015

It rained on May 14, the day of the last badminton game. As droplets fell from the sky and onto the campus of students taking the AP Economics test, it brewed an even darker mood. Time passed slowly....

Sophomores Ansell Yuen and Joshua Ho played in one of the fastest courts of the April 28 matchup. Returning rallies were demanded at incredible speed and persisted for the duration of the game.

Game GIFs: Badminton team surpasses Los Altos HS 18-12

Brandon Chin April 30, 2015

Racquet on the Court The court featuring sophomores Ansell Yuen and Joshua Ho drew the attention and voices of dozens of players from both schools. Each additional point only drove up the volume until...

Junior prom is expensive, but it doesn't have to be

Junior prom is expensive, but it doesn’t have to be

Sharon Tung April 1, 2015

https://vimeo.com/123808681 Junior Prom is coming up soon on April 4th, 2015. There is pressure to make the day perfect, from the pre-prom dinner to the photography. The bids, corsages, and attire...

Matadors assemble in the Field House well before the practice has officially begun. The three three teams, Varsity, Junior Varsity, and backup, are more integrated this season than they have in years previous.

Badminton: Matadors rally as the 2015 season prepares to be served

Brandon Chin March 18, 2015

The Matadors are champions when it comes to badminton. Since 1998, they have consistently made CCS appearances and have won nearly 15 titles across all divisions. Few schools can match MVHS legacy of...

Powderpuff 2015 vs 2016 highlights

Amol Pande March 12, 2014

The Powderpuff game between the Sophomores and Juniors resulted in a tie. The ending of this game was controversial as it resulted in a rematch opposed to the previous tie in which the Seniors were...

Powderpuff 2015 v 2016: what happened?

Mihir Joshi March 12, 2014

A look into how the game ended, and why there will be a rematch After the juniors scored the first touchdown early in the game, the sophomores threw thrice, the third of which made it into the endzone,...

Mat Stats: The cost of Quad Decs

Mat Stats: The cost of Quad Decs

Tanisha Dasmunshi September 29, 2013

Godly thrones, Atlantean water fountains, the castle in Camelot, or the glittering land of El Dorado: which Quad Decs cost the most?  Correction: According to Tal Marom, vice president of 2016,...

“I did a dance performance a few years ago where I used these tights, and I never thought I’d wear them again … but I dug them up yesterday and thought they’d be really creative because you don’t really see people wearing silver tights.”

Homecoming 2013: ‘Atlantis shipWRECKED’ spirit day outfits

Kathleen Yuan September 24, 2013

This Tuesday, MVHS students dressed up in either mismatching or Atlantis-themed outfits. The dress-up day points will count towards each class’ overall homecoming score. As for today’s...

Homecoming 2013: El Dorado golden outfits

Kathleen Yuan September 23, 2013

Everyday during Homecoming week, El Estoque will be recapping the spirit days with some examples of the day's themed outfits. With the first spirit day of Homecoming week at its end, here's a look at...

Little Italy deemed successful by class of 2015

Little Italy deemed successful by class of 2015

Sara Yang April 7, 2012

    Friday afternoon, a little over an hour after the end of seventh period, the campus had mostly emptied itself of students. But the freshman class officers scurried through the rally...

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