Find out who are the Purple and Gold Award winners

Shuyi Qi


Students receive awards for academic and extracurricular accomplishments on Feb. 7.

Photos by Catherine Lockwood 




[dropcap1]T[/dropcap1]he Purple and Gold Awards took place on Feb. 7 during lunch in the Main Gym as office administrators and teachers from each department gathered to award students that they had nominated for their accomplishments in math, art, music, theater arts, science, social studies, English, world languages, business and industrial technology.

Awards were also given for achievements in Yearbook, AVID, ELD, physical education, leadership and spirit. Other awards that recognized top junior students include the Harvard Book Prize, Mount Holyoke Award, the MIT Leadership Award, Rensselaer Medal Award, the Smith Book award, Williams Award and the Swarthmore award.

“It’s really an honor. I honestly didn’t know any teacher that would nominate me. I didn’t expect it,” said junior Ajay Gopinath, who was recognized for his accomplishments in French. “I’m just really glad that a teacher recognized that I contributed to a classroom in such a way that [was good].”

The event, which included food from The Pasta Market, was organized by AP Secretary Deb Mandac.

“Congratulations to all of you. I think this is one of most special rewards you’re ever going to receive, and the reason it’s so special is because you didn’t ask for it,” Principal April Scott said to the recipients. “You did it because of who you are, and you’re being recognized for it.”


[title type=”h4″]List of all the winners [/title]

[toggle_content title=”Art” class=””]Sophia Cao, Ann Fu, Hannah Ho, Rebecca Jancis, Vyanketsh Nandapurkar[/toggle_content]

[toggle_content title=”AVID” class=””]Sophia Gomez, Tara Hatami, Sirina Law, Jatin Quezada[/toggle_content]

[toggle_content title=”Business” class=””]Ajay Merchia, Albert Zeng[/toggle_content]

[toggle_content title=”Theater Arts” class=””]Pierre Grubb, Alissa Dernetz, Shreenidhi Sharma[/toggle_content]

[toggle_content title=”English” class=””]Ning Cao, Shauna Cho, Radhika Dhomse, Daniel Fernandez, Sheila Gandhi, Adrian Garcia, Miharu Koh, Isabel La Plain, Monica McCarthy, Jamsheed Mistry, Akshey Nama, James Park, Athira Penghat, Avni Prasad, Deepti Raghuvaran, Samantha Shieh, Anurag Singh, Jared Slater, Rachel Strahm, John Zhang[/toggle_content]

[toggle_content title=”English Language Development” class=””]Mizuha Kunii, Meixian Liu, Hikari Ochi[/toggle_content]

[toggle_content title=”ELD – Translator ” class=””]Yuri Kawaharada[/toggle_content]

[toggle_content title=”Industrial Technology” class=””]Heather Baker, Emma Schneider, Nicole Zeltser[/toggle_content]

[toggle_content title=”LEGO’s” class=””]Gabriel Gutierrez Jimenez, Bronwen Hardee, Margaret Li, Max McCann, Britni Rubenstein, Oliver Stoklosa, Lionor Vargas Perez, Karen Yagi, Mishel Zavala[/toggle_content]

[toggle_content title=”Math” class=””]Prakamya Agrawal, Matthew Bullard, Janie Hsiao, Betty Huang, Kai Jacklin, Josephine Koe, Sonia Lee, Jason Loo, Sophie Mulligan, Prem Nair, Sajeev Saluja, Michael Sandler, Anugna Vaishnav, Jenny Xu, Beverly Yu, Yi Zhang[/toggle_content]

[toggle_content title=”Music” class=””]Shiyang Cao, Todd Perkins, Melinda Yang[/toggle_content]

[toggle_content title=”Physical Education ” class=””]Christian Choy, Tayjas Surey, Karen Yagi [/toggle_content]

[toggle_content title=”Science” class=””]Anusha Agarwal, Tamanna Ahluwalia, Itay Barylka, Melissa Foster, Ofek Gila, Jerry Han, Young Jean Han, Sydney Howard, Saketh Kurnool, Michaela Mavroudis, Erica Paterson, Yana Petri, Divya Ramani, Sunny Shan, Keven Shang, Roy Tsui, Helen Xu, Ali Zaidi[/toggle_content]

[toggle_content title=”Social Studies” class=””]Jasmine Cheng, Bronwen Hardee, Rebecca Kao, Sunaya Krishnapura, Vivian Lee, Claire Lu, Monica McCarthy, Anjana Melvin, Hikari Ochi, Fiona Tiene, Lionor Vargas Perez, Lawrence Yan[/toggle_content]

[toggle_content title=”World Language” class=””]Brighton Balfrey, Kristin Chang, Wells Chang, Jennifer Chen, Melissa Foster, Ajay Gopinath, Emma Huie, Gabriella Monico, Vyanketsh Nandapurkar, Riddhima Narravula, Lavanya Rajpal, Tanvee Sinha, Etreta Thakker, Roy Tsui, Ali Zaidi [/toggle_content]

[toggle_content title=”Yearbook” class=””]Cynthia Shen, Etreta Thakker[/toggle_content]

[toggle_content title=”Leadership” class=””]Woo Chul Kim, Deepika Sriram[/toggle_content]

[toggle_content title=”MV Spirit Award” class=””]Victoria Ngo [/toggle_content]

[toggle_content title=”Harvard Book Prize” class=””]Varsha Venkat [/toggle_content]

[toggle_content title=”MIT Leadership Award” class=””]Jason Yee[/toggle_content]

[toggle_content title=”Mount Holyoke Club Book Award ” class=””]Jahnavi Meka[/toggle_content]

[toggle_content title=”Rensselaer Medal Award” class=””]Robert Cunningham [/toggle_content]

[toggle_content title=”Smith Book Award ” class=””]Isabella Zhang[/toggle_content]

[toggle_content title=”Swarthmore Book Award” class=””]Katherine Guo [/toggle_content]

[toggle_content title=”Williams College Book Award” class=””]Rachel Plouse [/toggle_content]