Girls soccer: Team prepares for a season full of changes

Alina Abidi

New coaching staff and player diversity motivates team to restart their CCS qualification streak.
[youtube link=”″ width=”590″ height=”315″]Last year, girls soccer head coach Alan Kute retired after 10 years of coaching varsity girls soccer. At the time, the varsity team had 11 seniors and one freshman. This year, the team has three freshmen and three seniors. Both varsity and JV teams have a new coach, DJ Driscoll and Lewis Saxelby respectively. The team hopes that the varied grade levels and new coaching staff will help them work towards CCS, which they did not qualify for last year after finishing 6-7-6. [toggle_content title=”Transcript” class=””]El Estoque: A season full of changes. New coaching staff and player diversity motivates team to restart their CCS qualification streak.
Senior Amelia Strom: So much is different. We had 11 seniors last year, so coming to three seniors this year is a really huge change. Also, almost an entirely new coaching staff with new philosophies. Alan Kute had been the coach for ten years, so that’s definitely different. It’s very different than it was before.
Junior Bella Zhang: This year we’re really excited to meet a lot of the incoming freshmen, because there’s more of them on the team this year. There’s a lot of social events that we’re going to be starting this year as well, such as secret sister, watching movies together, Sky High.
Sophomore Monica Polgar: Yeah we’re going to have a lot of team bonding this year, so that should be fun.
Strom: I’m looking forward to the team atmosphere, because we have a lot of different classes on one team, varsity, so I think that’ll be interesting to see how that plays out. Also, I’m excited for the new coaching staff, we’ve got some great professionals out here, so it’s really exciting.
Varsity coach DJ Driscoll: Step out of your comfort, okay?
Strom: I definitely want to win. It was really tough to lose that last game last year, and I think we can do well, so we’ll see.
Polgar: It makes me really really want to win. Last year we didn’t even make it to CCS and we had a ten year streak of making it, so this year I just really want to make it![/toggle_content]