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The Student News Site of Monta Vista High School

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The Student News Site of Monta Vista High School

El Estoque

MV “street” style: back to basics


Students describe their outfits, their personal style and trends.

Sophomore Monica Ravichandran

monica ravichandran 10

Necklace — “My necklace is actually a hairband that I was too lazy to put on my hair.”
Tank top — Macy’s
Bag — from a boutique in Italy
Floral maxi skirt — PacSun
2-inch ankle kitten heels — DSW

On how she planned this outfit: “My friend said ‘Oh, I got a new maxi dress’ and I said ‘Oh, I got a new maxi skirt, let’s wear it together.’”
On her personal style: “I’m really girly and I always wear skirts and dresses everywhere, all the time. I like flower prints and sparkles and girly stuff.”

Junior Jeffrey Ho

jeffrey ho 11

Polo shirt — from work at Marina Food
Cardigan — Banana Republic
Jeans — Banana Republic
Shoes — Costco

On his personal style: “My style is just whatever I feel like wearing that day.”
On how he plans his outfits: “I choose shorts and then throw stuff on that would look good, [like] a shirt.”


Freshman Johanna Karras

johanna karras 9

Top — Aeropostale
Cardigan — US Polo Assn
Floral skirt — Aeropostale

On the trendiness of her outfit: “I think [that] skirts and a [cardigan] is kind of timeless because it doesn’t really go out of trend, it’s not a fad.”
On her personal style: “I don’t really have a style, I just buy what I think looks nice and goes with my skintone.”
On trends at MV: “There are a lot of trends that people follow, like for shoes, Uggs and Vans and Converse … and Juicy Couture hoodies too.”


Sophomore Ariane Tsai

Ariane Tsai

Top — American Eagle
Skirt — Macy’s
Combat boots — “I don’t know, my mom got them for me.”

How she describes her personal style: girly
YouTube fashion and beauty gurus who provide inspiration: Michelle Phan, Stilababe09 and Macbarbie07
On trends at MV: “[For girls,] just a lot of skirts, A-line skirts … [for boys,] basketball shorts.”

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