In Constant Flux


Ashish Samaddar

From year to year, the popularity of certain classes has varied, especially amongst honors and AP classes. In a two-year time span, AP Calculus AB rose from 150 students to 213, and AP Chemistry fell from 186 students to 144. In addition, since its inception two years ago, World Core has risen to 264 students, surpassing regular World History and World Literature in popularity. But when a class gains students, other classes lose them. Trends emerge. And as students’ perceptions change, enrollment fluctuates.

Ashish's Graphs

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Interest in Calculus BC has fallen in recent years. Calculus AB, which is a slower-paced alternative, has steadily risen, with a 43 percent increase in the last two years.

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American Literature Honors has gained popularity while AP Literature stagnates. Enrollment in British Literature and Mythology/Folklore has fluctuated over the years. English teacher Lynn Rose speculates the recent drop may be due to raising standards last year to match other regular classes.

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The accelerated Chemistry courses have both taken a dip in recent years, while Physics Honors has gained popularity. Physics teacher Jim Birdsong speculates the test retake policy he adopted last year may be a cause.

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School enrollment by year: 2011-2012 (2,519), 2012-2013 (2,419), 2013-2014 (2,343)