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In Constant Flux

In Constant Flux

Ashish Samaddar

September 30, 2013

From year to year, the popularity of certain classes has varied, especially amongst honors and AP classes. In a two-year time span, AP Calculus AB rose from 150 students to 213, and AP Chemistry fell from 186 students to 144. In addition, since its inception two years ago, World Core has risen to 264...

Defining spirit: 10 ways to show Matador pride

Namrata Ramani

September 25, 2013

Rallies at MVHS, famous for their deafening cheering and jam-packed stands, are often the most common displays of school spirit. However, there are many opportunities for students who are deterred by rallies to showcase their school and class pride. This guide highlights ten ways that any Matador can...