MV Week celebrates defining aspects of student life


Anjali Bhat

A recap of some of last week’s major events.

Honoring Our Heritage


Traditionally, Diversity Day has been the way to demonstrate appreciation for the different cultures represented at MVHS. This year, however, it was replaced by Culture Day on May 1 as a highlight of MV Week.

MV Week was was meant to encourage gratitude for the aspects of life that shape students’ identities,which include school, staff, community and culture. ASB offered free food and performances in the gym during lunch. Unlike Diversity Day, attendance of the event was not mandatory, and several students were not aware of the event until its occurrence midway through the week.

“Honestly, I think MV Week is really interesting, but I wish that Culture Day was promoted more [so that] people understand the point of it,” said senior Kevin Singh, Bollywood Dance Team co-captain. “I feel like Diversity Day was a better showcase of culture.”

 Many of the highlights of Culture Day were similar to those of its precedent, but had to meet different time  constraints. According to Singh, Bollywood Dance Team had to reduce the length of their routine –– normally five minutes –– to a shorter, two minute routine in order to adapt to the 40-minute showtime.

However, attendees of Culture Day still found the experience enjoyable, and the event attracted a large crowd. Free samples of food, which included Indian samosas and Filipino dried mangoes, ran out halfway through lunch. Dance performances included those from MV Bhangra, Bollywood Dance Team and Raas. Chinese teacher Vivian Ju and her students showcased Chinese pop while freshman Mallory Strom performed a Portuguese song on her guitar.

“I think [Culture Day] is a great thing to have — it lets people celebrate aspects of their nationalities,” junior Alana Lee said. “I get a taste of culture from different parts of the world.”

Celebrating friendships

During MV Week students and faculty were encouraged to celebrate their friends and family, so El Estoque talked to two teachers from the literature department whose friendship impacts their experience at MVHS.

Becoming The Change

MV Peer Counseling, a club aimed at spreading support for students facing difficulties, recently initiated a video series entitled “Be the Change” for MV Week, in which members of the club posted videos on Facebook. Each member drew on his or her experiences facing challenges at school to inspire and encourage others to make their own videos and spread the support. Here they discuss their motivations in telling their stories and why others should contribute to the campaign.

Juniors Alexander Pieb and Simone Becker, the MV Peer Counseling co-presidents, discuss their objectives for the club and the “Be the Change” video campaign.

Junior Simone Becker

Junior Alexander Pieb

Two MV Peer Counseling members, juniors Anisha Pathak and Jasmine Cheng, talk about their inspirations for making their videos.

Junior Anisha Pathak:

Junior Jasmine Cheng: