A photo tour of the cafeteria

Jennifer Lee

Five minutes after the kitchen shuts down, the cafeteria workers are headed home. Nonetheless, the kitchen remained a hub of activity to the very end: The stove is still hot to the touch, as if it’s just been switched off. Upon closer inspection, the little things around the room — a mirror, tucked into a nook by the sink, and a bell schedule hanging next to menus and notes posted on the refrigerator — reflect how much time was spent in this room.

The staff lounge has had its fair share of memories. Art teacher Jay Shelton recalls how he and a few other teachers always ate lunch at their regular table in the center of the room. A table a few feet away was known as “Ron’s table,” where the late swim coach Ron Freeman used to sit and play cards with the other sports coaches. The staff lounge has also seen many students in its time: Ceremonies and banquets for various clubs and sports have been held here through the years.

To see more pictures of the existing cafeteria and surrounding facilities, scroll through the photo gallery below.