Girls softball: Initial gap in score leads to loss for Matadors


Angela Liu

Despite defeating Los Gatos High School at their April 28 game, the varsity softball home game against the Wildcats ended in defeat on May 1. After a brief lead during the start of the game, the score tipped out of the girls’ favor and did not come back.

“There was a lack of focus. Maybe [we were] overconfident, potentially,” head coach Ray Teixeira said.

A combination of hard hits and tough defense from LGHS made it difficult for the Matadors to score runs. In the bottom of the fifth, the Matadors attempted to make a turnaround, but the Wildcats’ six point lead was too much of a difference.

At the bottom of the first, the Matadors were off to a promising start. With two outs, senior Julia Peters hit to right field for a double, followed by another double by junior Kalani Seaver that allowed Peters to score a run. However, the top of the second ultimately set the tone for the rest of the game. Although starting pitcher senior Alanna Onishi threw strong pitches, the Wildcats hit doubles and capitalized on the Matadors’ fumbles in the outfield, ending the top of the second inning 1-4.

LGHS defense held off the Matadors from getting on base. While the girls also played good defense, the Wildcats edged in one run during the fourth and two in the fifth.

In the bottom of the fifth, senior Clarissa Wells hit a single, getting the Matadors on base with two outs. A wild pitch allowed Wells to advance to second. Senior Justine Young followed up with a ground ball down the middle field for a double that also advanced Wells to third. Again, a hit down centerfield by senior Carla Mack earned the Matadors a run. Peters hit a hard ground ball that Colombo fumbled, leading to another run, but the inning came to a close with the score at 3-7.

“We just gave them the runs, and [the game] swung to them and never came back,” Teixeira said.

The Wildcats scored two more runs in the top of the sixth. Preventing the Wildcats from widening the gap, freshman Janaye Sakkas ended the top of the sixth with a defensive play, and strikeouts by Onishi helped close the top of the seventh. However, even with effective defensive plays by LGHS during the seventh, the game ended 3-9.

The girls softball senior game was against Fremont High School on May 3 at 4:00 p.m. The Matadors won 12-0.