Infinite Uselessness

Infinite Uselessness

Smitha Gundavajhala

Infinite Campus is not worth the hype. We students were made to believe that this change would shake the foundations of this school from the earth upon it rests—but instead, we get a small button beneath the School Loop link on the MVHS homepage, and 2600 extra sheets of yellow paper dedicated to giving our parents access to grades that they could have easily seen on School Loop.


For a system with so lofty, a name, it does little. In fact, Infinite Campus serves no apparent function so far. Photo illustration by Smitha Gundavajhala.

“The District is excited about the potential that the Campus Portal provides for keeping parents informed,” the handouts say. However, our parents already have access to Naviance and to School Loop. Right now, the only perceived difference between School Loop and Infinite Campus is that the latter shows a more detailed attendance record, and all the detail MVHS students need (or want) is on the School Loop attendance record anyway.

Aren’t teachers open to communication through email, through Loop Mail, and by phone? Don’t you think that parents (who are so invested in the school community that they would write our finals for us if they could) would have said something if they felt the need?

Infinite Campus is definitely not only about grades and parent communication, or the district wouldn’t be pushing so hard for it. No, there’s something more. But until the administration makes clear why this innocuously useless system is being established, we will have no choice but to rant about its infinite uselessness on School Loop.