Why the marquee is okay


Stephanie Chang

The marquee that was attached to the side of the gym before the school year began has spurred some angry discussion amongst students: “We’re in a budget crisis and yet they’re spending $10,000 on a marquee! Outrageous!”Although we are indeed lacking in funds, the buying of the marquee has almost nothing to do with the school budget crisis.
The marquee displays school news and information, better communicating bulletins to the students. Photo by Kevin Tsukii.

The marquee was bought using PTSA money—money donated by your parents, staff, and the general community. The $10,000 could not have been used to buy anything else but ‘bonus’ items for MVHS: new sound equipment, benches, lab equipment, etc. The rules are extremely stringent and specific when it comes to money used for education, especially money from external sources. Bond measures, for instance, are only applicable towards the improvement of facilities, such as football lights and bathrooms. Parcel taxes, on the other hand, can be used for what we’ve needed the most—classes, teachers and other personnel.

However, not all money given to the school can be in the form of a parcel tax. It’s complicated, yes, but that’s how money works.Not to mention that the “oh-my-God-it’s-$10,000” student-centric marquee was something the administrators had always wanted for the school. When the PTSA announced that they had $10,000 to donate, the administrators chose the marquee, thinking that the paperless bulletin would best serve the school compared to a new sound system and equipment. Also, we students can’t choose where the school decides to funnel its money, but can only accept that they’re doing it with our best interests at heart.So please, my peers, stop complaining. Be grateful and be glad. Without the school, your parents, and the PTSA, we wouldn’t be able to have many of the privileges we enjoy today.

So go check out the marquee in the rally court sometime. I heard they spent $10,000 on it.