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The Eldstroms: Norwegian exchange student reflects on her year at MVHS

Alina Abidi

June 4, 2014

[toggle_content title="Transcript" class=""] Senior Amelia Strom: From the first time we met her, I was like, “This is totally going to work.” I just knew from the start that we were going to have awesome year. Senior Hilde Eldring: But you know how to count! Strom: Yeah, yeah! 1 - Eldring: N...

Out in the open: Lifelong ally

Out in the open: Lifelong ally

Sara Yang

February 2, 2011

Teacher Christy Utter speaks to El Estoque about her experience with homophobia in a high school setting Read More »...

Linking outside the classroom

Linking outside the classroom

Laura Yang

February 3, 2010

Freshmen and Link Leaders bond over photo scavenger hunt Read More »...