Tumblr temporarily out of service

Tumblr temporarily out of service

Edward Wang

Students react to the Tumblr outage from Dec. 5 to Dec. 6

The popular blogging service, Tumblr, ceased to function for more than 13 hours from Dec. 5 to Dec. 6. During this time, users could not access their own blogs or the blogs of others. All that the users could see was a message which stated that the service would return “shortly,” leading to many impassioned student reactions on other social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter.

During the Tumblr outage from Dec. 5 to Dec. 6, the site notified all users trying to access the site that it would become operational “shortly.” Lasting more than 13 hours, the outage left many users disappointed. Screenshot taken by Edward Wang.Senior Nathan Hu who posts on Tumblr at least once every day was simply trying to write his daily post when suddenly, the post disappeared, and an apology message from Tumblr was displayed. Along with some of his friends, he then proceeded to post a few complaint messages on his Facebook.

The site outage created much disappointment among dedicated users of Tumblr like junior Devi Kovi who uses the service multiple times a day. She first discovered that Tumblr was down after failing to submit a post that her friends really wanted to see, leading Kovi to return to the site a few times every hour to see if it was operational yet.

“If you’re going to have a lot of users…it’s your responsibility to keep it up,’” Kovi said.

After the site went back up, the service issued an apology to its users, mentioning that the interruption of service was caused by maintenance problems and that such errors are “unacceptable” for Tumblr. The apology also refuted claims that the online community of anonymous activists, 4chan, took down the site by means of a “denial of service” attack. In this kind of attack, websites are flooded with requests from thousands of computers, causing servers to overload and fail to function.