The final stand

The final stand

Yaamini Venkataraman

Advanced Drama students recite monologues and interpret scenes for their final on Dec. 11

When the air is frosty, and there’s a slight drizzle, no place is cozier than the Black Box. Enter Advanced Drama.

The students of the Advanced Drama class performed selected scenes and monologues from various plays. Photo by Yaamini Venkataraman.On Dec. 11 Advanced Drama students got a head start on finals. Because Drama is a creative class, it’s only fit that their final is a test of their performance and interpretive abilities. The students worked on monologues or scenes and, on presentation day, commanded the small blue stage in the center of a sea of eyes, clad in their green drama shirts, fighting for their grade.

The lights dimmed. When they gradually shone again, an eager student introduced himself or herself, his or her scene and the playwright. After a few moments to gain composure, he or she leapt into the mind of his or her character, exaggerating emotions with intonation and diction and wild hand gestures.

For the opening act, sophomore Anna Shabrova and junior Joseph Hultquist got the audience laughing with their rendition of the sketch "Who’s On First?" by Abbot and Costello, where a baseball fan fails to realize that the players’ names are "Who", "What" and "I don’t know".

Later on, junior Lena Jenny delightfully portrayed a socially awkward young girl from "Tomorrow’s Wish" by Wade Bradford, who describes her first kiss with the town grocery bagger.

Singing and dancing added variety to the show and further branded the performers as triple threats. Juniors Chris Berger and Melanie Kim wowed the audience with their rendition of "Anything You Can Do (I Can Do Better)" from "Annie Get Your Gun" by Irving Berlin. Juniors Kelly Jackson and Stella Ziegler performed a dance to "What Is This Feeling" from the popular musical "Wicked" by Winnie Holzman and Stephen Schwarz, filled with leaps, spins and a cartwheel for extra pizzazz.

At the end of the night, parents and students alike huddled outside of the Black Box, knowing that one final was over before the week of madness had begun.

Exit Advanced Drama with pride.