Senior Night stomping of Fremont

Patrick Mi

Varsity girls volleyball finishes strong at last home game, saying goodbye to some important seniors

Photos by Patrick Mi

The varsity volleyball girls kicked off their last home game of the year with the annual senior celebrations. Vibrant posters covered the gym walls with the names of the four graduating seniors. Each senior burst through a poster into the gym to the sound of one of the largest crowds of the season. Seniors Angela Moe, Audrey Lee, Nicole Dao and Victoria Lee proceeded down a makeshift aisle composed of junior players, receiving flowers and signs while their written thank yous were read.

Once the festivities ended, the game began with a serve by Audrey, who has been out for most of the season with a torn ACL. Her successful serve was turned into a point with a strong hit by Dao. The energy from the crowd seemed to affect the players, with the Matadors up 15-2 after the first ten minutes. The game ended at 25-4, with a strong rally between Fremont and the Matadors, closed by a winning tip from Moe.

The second game started off slow for the Matadors, with a 2-3 lead for Fremont. Three aces by Dao brought the girls back, putting them up 9-4. A massive block by Victoria  got the crowd on its feet, cheering long after the play was over. The fans mood was later displaced when a lift was called by the referee on setter, junior Jennifer Wang, though the Matadors were up 23-12. They ended the second game with a score of 25-13.

Another serve by Audrey  began the third game. Her subsequent serves resulted in a 3-1 lead at the beginning of the game. A serve by Wang skimmed the net and aced, continuing the Matadors near shutout at the start of the game, making the score 7-1. The domination continued with a giant kill by Dao, increasing the lead to 11-2, Matadors.

"Fremont was a fun game for us, and we worked hard enough in the beginning to get a lead and play positions we never get to play," Victoria said.

While playing an unusual position in the back row, Lee used her foot to dig a hard spike from Fremont, allowing MVHS to return the ball and bring the score to 12-4.

Freshman Serena Chew was also put in an unusual position, playing in the front row, rather than her usual position of libero. After a rotation around the court, Audrey Lee was put in to serve and aided the team in increasing the lead. ">"I’m really thankful and surprised that I got to serve so many times, I’m glad I was able to contribute on my senior night even though I was injured," Audrey  said.

Victoria then added on to the lead with a ground-shattering spike straight to the floor , sending the crowd mad and putting the Matadors up 21-12. The seniors final home game ended with the crowd on its feet, watching as Dao spiked the ball with no return, with a final score of 25-13.

The senior girls crushed Fremont  in their last home game ever, 3-0, with a little help from the lively crowd. They move on to CCS with their first game against Gunn at home, on Nov. 11, at 6:45 p.m.