MVHS varsity boys water polo beats Homestead 15-11

Natalie Wong

MVHS varsity boys water polo rams Homestead high school into the net with a smashing victory

MVHS varsity boys water polo played an intense home game against Homestead on Oct. 21, with a final score of 15-11 in the Matador’s favor.
With just ten seconds remaining in the first period, junior Glian Datu fiercely guarded MVHS’ goal with strong blocks, and kept Homestead from scoring, ending the first period with a score of 4-2 in the Matador’s favor.
During the third period of the game, MVHS led by two points with a score of 9-7.
With less than two minutes left in the third period, Homestead shot the ball into MVHS’ goal, now differentiating the score by a single point.
However, MVHS would not back down.
With Coach Ron Freeman pacing up and down the pool deck, yelling out plays, MVHS stepped up their offense plays with different strategies and soon scored again to put them ahead 10-8.  
With nine seconds left in the third period, junior Jubin Honarvar noticed Homestead’s wide-open defense, and quickly took action, scoring the eleventh goal for MVHS.
Though Homestead scored three more goals between the end of the third period and the final buzz of the fourth period, MVHS remained keen on redeeming themselves since they lost their last game against Homestead.
And surely enough, they were successful, scoring four more points and ending the game with the win.
Leading scorers in the game included Honarvar, with four goals, sophomore Alex Bagdasarian, with three goals, and senior JT Peters, with two goals.
“Homestead played a very good game,” Freeman said. “It was much closer than the last one, and they made us work a lot harder.”