Varsity girls tennis wins a fierce battle against Saratoga

Christian Fatoohi

MVHS varsity girls tennis wins a tough match over Saratoga 4-3 on Oct. 7



#1 singles sophomore Sylvia Li hits a strong backhand against senior Lindsay Marsh of Saratoga
MVHS girls varsity tennis played Saratoga High School on Oct. 7 and the two schools battled it out to come up even with three matches won each. The overall outcome of the meet all came down to the final match: #4 singles between sophomore Annalisa Choy of MVHS and freshman Crystal Yen of Saratoga.
    Choy lost the first set 5-7, but came back to win the second set 6-2. All other matches had been completed and now all players sat with their teammates up against the fence, watching this final determining match. The third set began close as both players went on to split the first six games. Pressure rose as more people gathered to watch the game. The pressure seemed to have a greater effect on Yen as she had difficulties fighting back the tears that were escaping her eyes. Choy continued to play her game, going for tough, powerful shots and took the next two games and found herself ahead 5-4 40-15 in the third set. After Yen fought off two match points, Choy finally pulled through to win the next point, winning the meet for MVHS.
    Choy never let down, even at the end of the match despite the tension.
“I admire her for going for it and taking risks even in such a pressured situation,” senior Connie Wu said.
    This meet was highly competitive throughout and had many intense matches that were decided by a few key points. Whenever it is this close, there is sure to be some arguing and this match was no exception. Fierce rivalries are created and defined by heated disputes like the ones in this meet.
    “The two schools are located near each other so the girls also know each other and some are friends,” MVHS tennis varsity coach Gene Fortino said.
    But this friendship did not carry on to the courts. The players are required to referee their own matches and call the game fairly. But in this match there were so many arguments and score disputes that the players needed to ask for line judges to try to make it fairer.
    “I had never noticed any score disputes this year before this match, they rarely happen,” Wu said. Yet this match was full of them.
Going into this match, both coaches mentioned that this is a strong rivalry that has been very competitive over the years.
    "This is a special match up because these are two of the top teams in northern California each year," Fortino said.
    Saratoga varsity coach Tom Uyehara agreed. “It has been a big rivalry over the years,” Uyehara said. “Although MVHS has had the upper hand the last couple of years, hopefully we will break through this year.” Their defeat to MVHS showed that this was not the start they were looking for.  
    Though MVHS came out on top this time, Saratoga will look for some revenge when the Matadors go play them in Saratoga on Oct. 21.