El Estoque

A new tradition: Winter wonderland

RALLY COURT From Dec. 5 to 9, Bull Spirit will be decorating the Rally Court with ballons, ribbons, and a festive holiday bush. Lunchtime activities include decorating cookies, writing letters to soldiers, and participating in a gingerbread house coin toss fundraiser.

Albert Qiu

November 29, 2011

Students may have been shocked when they saw the campus this week. Normally barren save for a few coats of old paint, the halls are now lined with festive wreaths and bows. Meanwhile, a 13-foot-tall holiday bush and a wooden gingerbread house sit idly in the rally court. The transformation is comple...

Too much on your hands

Too much on your hands

Ashley Wu

September 22, 2010

    Contrary to common belief, recent studies reveal that it is impossible to do two things at once Read More »...

Google Docs facilitates APUSH collaboration

Google Docs facilitates APUSH collaboration

Kevin Tsukii

September 10, 2010

  More than half of AP U.S. History students team up on Google Docs to collectively succeed Read More »...

The Scissor Sisters

Jaime Chu

October 28, 2009

A brief history of two girls and two pairs of scissors  Read More »...