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Speaking up: How teachers work with students with speech anxiety

Illustration by Iman Malik. This is a fishbowl that represents a fishbowl discussion. The six other fish are talking while one of them is lonely.

Sophia Chen and Alyssa Hui

March 11, 2020

Teachers explain their ways of dealing with student anxiety when speaking in class

My Voice

My Voice

Aditi Dixit

March 4, 2020

Three. Squirrel. Mirror. Stretch. Wrench. Cathedral. What do these words have in common? When I was in elementary school, all of these words were difficult for me to pronounce. Even the word pronounce was hard for me to say... To hear more of the story, click on the embedded video.  ...

Next in the Spotlight

Next in the Spotlight

Gauri Kaushik

May 22, 2019

s sophomore Naomi Yin filed into the black box theater along with her fellow drama students during tutorial on May 10, her jaw dropped in surprise when she was met not only by their long-term substitute teacher Jeffrey Adams, but also by Principal Ben Clausnitzer and her World Literature teacher Hannah...

Homestead High School alumni create social networking iPhone app

Melt is a new iPhone app that uses podcasts for social networking. Homestead High School Class of 2005 alumni Jason Lew and Shane Wey created the app because they felt that voice was a unique platform that has not been used often in social networking. Screenshot by Joyce Varma.

Joyce Varma

October 27, 2013

Social media app Melt allows people to connect with auditory communication rather than visual text or pictures. Read More »...

Google is feeling lucky

Google is feeling lucky

Karishma Mehrotra

January 14, 2010

Teenagers have a growing addiction: Google   Read More »...