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Tesla’s Technology Update

White tesla in parking lot || photo from Charlie Deets

Devin Gupta

December 16, 2019

Electric car manufacturer released a new software update for their electric cars including self-park, Spotify, Netflix, and arcade games

Trouble With Tesla

Trouble With Tesla

Laasya Koduru

May 19, 2019

prinkled in the staff parking lot next to the A building are cars of blue, black and red. But these aren't just normal cars — they are Teslas, which have grown increasingly in demand over the past couple of years. Tesla has electrical efficiency and represents a status symbol, which appeals to car bu...

Senior profits from investment in Tesla

Dua uses five criteria to determine his investment in any particular company. Photo illustration by Joyce Varma.

Joyce Varma

November 26, 2013

Senior Samarth Dua invests in stock market and makes over $15,000. Read More »