El Estoque

String Orchestra performs their first piece. Their repertoire was composed of music from various time periods. Photo by Andrea Schlitt.

Music department holds instrumental debut concerts

Andrea Schlitt October 17, 2015

he auditorium is quiet with anxiety and excitement as parents prepare their cameras and phones to capture the display of seven weeks of hard work. The first violinist stands up, raises her bow and...

MUSIC: Masterworks and Showtunes

MUSIC: ‘Masterworks and Showtunes’

Angela Wang February 1, 2013

On the first day of the music department’s annual Winter Concert, the announcers told the audience that, should audience members like the performance, they could come back the next night and the night...

Winter Concert doesn’t disappoint

Selene Rubino February 4, 2009

The 2009 MVHS Winter Concert opened to a crowded house and stage on Thursday Jan. 29, playing music written by British composers.   The 2009 MVHS Winter Concert opened to a crowded house and stage...

Musical Britannica

Jaime Chu January 29, 2009

MV Music Department presents "Music from the British Isles"Ever since Beatlemania, the British have had a hard time keeping their hands off of this side of the pond. The latest installment comes...

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