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Matvey Jenssen in Japan. Photo by Maxim Jenssen|Used with permission.

A multilingual community

Krish Dev, Opinion Editor October 16, 2020
Students and staff reflect on their experiences speaking multiple languages.
This map indicate Spanish-speaking regions of the world, where Spanish is the official language. Graphic credit | Map Handbook

MVHS Spanish and French teachers implement a stereotype unit

Oishee Misra October 5, 2020
Delving into aspects of anti-racist work through Spanish and French 4 Honors curriculum
Sophomores Claudia Maldonado and Siddhant Patel present their argument to the rest of the Spanish Honors Society. Photo by Brandon Ng.

The language of arguing: Spanish Honors Society hosts their first all-Spanish debate

Brandon Ng and Roshan Fernandez March 1, 2019

panish Honors Society held their first debate of the year entirely in Spanish in order to improve members’ language fluency and overall speaking ability. By arguing with an opposing team, members’...

A tree depicting Linguistic Evolution through Latin roots. Graphic | Dhruvika Randad

To take or not to take

Dhruvika Randad November 17, 2018

Modern-day communication tells a tale of linguistic evolution since the day humans started to communicate with words and sounds that eventually lead to alphabets, scripts, pronunciation and accents that...

Retake remake

Retake remake

Flora Peng November 5, 2018

Almost every student is familiar with the sensation of receiving horrible scores for a test they studied really hard for. The gut-sinking feeling comes accompanied by a subsequent frantic search for a...

MVHS holds annual Culture Night

MVHS holds annual Culture Night

Priya Reddy and Elizabeth Han April 13, 2018

he sound of a distant bass can be heard from the Olive Court, pounding away as groups of students pass by swiftly, making their way to the rally court where MVHS holds its annual Culture Night. Songs in...

Cinco things you didn’t know about Cinco de Mayo

Cinco things you didn’t know about Cinco de Mayo

Maya Murthy May 5, 2015

Videos by Avni Prasad and Aditya Pimplaskar Spanish 2 teacher Norma Abarca holds a Cinco de Mayo fiesta in her seventh period class. Take a look at why this holiday is significant and how it is celebrated. Cinco...

Common thoughts about Common Core

Common thoughts about Common Core

Maya Murthy September 23, 2013

Department chairs discuss what the new national standards are, and how they will affect the student body. Click on each photo to see that chair's opinions on the new standards! The Common Core standards...

Fresh from the garden

Fresh from the garden

Varsha Venkat February 25, 2013

Pickles, gnocchi and ratatouille: it all sounds like something you’d find in a first-class restaurant in Paris, but for Spanish teacher Maria Coughlin, making these complex dishes is part of a weekly...

Junior Donovan Phua (right) chats with junior Karen Tseng at first day of the Link freshman finals study session on Dec. 3. All 120 Link Leaders have signed up to tutor freshman in preparation for finals, which begin Dec. 18. Photo by Margaret Lin.

Link Leaders team up with freshmen to study for finals

Cynthia Mao December 5, 2012

Freshman finals study week begins Dec. 3 with Link Leaders as tutors. This year, all 120 Link Leaders have signed up for tutoring sessions, with 25 to 30 in the cafeteria each day. Promotion this year...

Franish Mashup incorporates Spanish and French in one social

Franish Mashup incorporates Spanish and French in one social

Angela Wang December 1, 2012

French students had their first taste of Spanish culture as they walked through the doors of the Staff Lounge to Spanish singer Juanes’ “La Camisa Negra”. Held after school on Nov. 30, Franish...

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