El Estoque

Rampant wildfires lead to poor air quality for weeks

Photo by Tanish Mendki.
September 23, 2020

Recently, wildfires have been rapidly spreading throughout the West, most heavily affecting California, Oregon and Washington. These fires are mainly attributed the series of dry lightning storms that...

Fighting for Rights

Graphic by Sarah Young
Exploring community members' struggles to assert their rights
November 15, 2019
Workers in our local community are constantly fighting for their rights. Teachers strive to expose all their students to LGBTQ texts and history. The League of Women Voters campaigns to register teenagers to vote and increase voter turnout. Librarians go on strike to demand for improved working conditions. Read this package about the process and the emotions that characterize these endeavors. 

Dangers of the Web

Dangers of the Web
Exploring the different facets of cybersecurity
October 18, 2019
Exploring the different facets of cybersecurity
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