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FUHSD Institutes Anti-Racism education

The impacts of anti-racism education on both students and staff

Anushka De and Nika Zamani

September 11, 2020

Students and staff discuss the motivations behind and impacts of new anti-racism curriculum

School events cancelled because of COVID-19

MVRT dances the Macarena.

Anushka De, News Editor

April 2, 2020

Members of clubs and teams who qualified for international level competitions are unable to attend

MVHS DECA officers attend the Ultimate DECA Power Trip conference in Washington D.C.

MV DECA takes a photo in front of the Obelisk monument in Washington D.C. Photo used with permission of MV DECA

Collin Qian, Visuals Editor

November 24, 2019

On Nov. 14, the MVHS DECA took a flight across the state to the Ultimate DECA Power Trip conference in Washington D.C. After four days away from Cupertino, officers senior Rishabh Ranjan, sophomore Riya Ranjan and junior Gayatri Rithe specifically pointed out that the unique environment with various mon...

A Story to Remember

A Story to Remember

Laasya Koduru

November 21, 2018

Self-driving cars. Proteins that help patients with cardiac problems. Smartphone addiction versus drug addiction. These are all various topics that MVHS’s science magazine Res Novae staff writers wrote about for their first cycle. In Res Novae, a long process takes place behind the scenes befor...