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The Student News Site of Monta Vista High School

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A ban on TikTok would have far-reaching effects on the United States.

The TikTok ban is political theater

Riya Murthy and Alan Tai April 5, 2024
The ban’s repercussions will impact the very nature of digital communication and freedom
Junior Allison Chang practices her solo for MVHS Winter Show.

Time Out! Ep. 17: Allison Chang

Lindsey Tang and Riya Murthy March 3, 2024

RM: Hi everyone, my name is Riya Murthy, LT: And I’m Lindsey Tang. RM: Welcome to Episode 17 of Time Out! Each episode, we will be diving into the sports scene here at Monta Vista High School...

History teacher Robbie Hoffman points to the various posters on his classroom wall.

Sprawled on the walls

Riya Murthy and Yixuan (Joyce) Li January 17, 2024
Exploring how MVHS teachers decorate their classrooms
Behind MV Bhangra

Behind MV Bhangra

Yixuan (Joyce) Li, Riya Murthy, and Eshika Tiwari December 15, 2023

Step behind the scenes of MV Bhangra, where the beats are bold and the connection to Indian culture is real. Exploring the club's approach to crafting engaging shows and its genuine connection to Indian...

Graphics by Stella Petzova

Immersed in India

As a student body filled with an array of Indian backgrounds, Indian-influenced arts and culture can be found in many corners of our community.  From incorporating traditional Indian clothing into daily...

The tendency to constantly doubt everything I do is one that has always followed me around.

Out of my head

Riya Murthy, Staff Writer December 1, 2023

I can’t remember the last time I did something without overthinking it. Thinking “why would I do this” and “what could happen” and “what did they think” is, to me, as much a part of completing...

Wishful thinking

Wishful thinking

Riya Murthy November 3, 2023
How I realized what hope means to me
Feeling bad about test scores is normal, but its important to understand that improvement is not linear. Illustration by Yixuan (Joyce) Li

Climbing the mountain to self-growth

Yixuan (Joyce) Li and Riya Murthy September 29, 2023
Debuking the idea of linear growth in self-improvement
Senior Alice Ross tries to gain possession of the ball before a LHS opponent reaches it.

Field Hockey beats Lynbrook High School 1-0

Crystal Cheng, Riya Murthy, and Lindsey Tang September 23, 2023

Varsity Girls Field Hockey beat Lynbrook High School 1-0 on Sept. 20, in its fourth league game of the season. Junior and forward Saahithi Kancherla scored the team’s only goal during the first quarter,...

An anonymous digitalized person looks at the screen.

Stranger danger

Mikaylah Du and Riya Murthy June 1, 2023
Discussing the safety of making friends over the internet
Man on the street: Can you solve this riddle?

Man on the street: Can you solve this riddle?

Jami Lim, Megha Mummaneni, and Riya Murthy May 12, 2023
Testing MVHS students and staff's abilities to answer puzzling riddles
I told my parents that I wanted my future to include the ocean — to spend time diving into and looking at the marine life that expanded across the world.

Running from the riptide

Riya Murthy May 9, 2023
Exploring how my childhood passion for marine biology shifted as I grew older
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