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Synopsys State Science Fair Qualifiers and their journey

Synopsys State Science Fair Qualifiers and their journey

Laasya Koduru

April 28, 2019

Synopsys Science Fair (typically held in April) participants typically have the option of either pursuing a new research topic or expanding upon a previous one. Every year, Synopsys chooses a selected number of participants to move onto states. For senior Vivek Kamarshi, expanding upon a previous resea...

MVHS students receive Synopsys Science Fair awards

Sophomore Ramya Chamkeri and her partner stand with their Synopsys Science Fair Championship research project in the rally court. Chamkeri’s project won an award in the annual Synopsys fair Championship. Photo courtesy of Ramya Chamkeri.

Laasya Koduru

March 30, 2019

t is the end of March, with April just around the corner — for some, this entails studying for AP tests or focusing on standardized testing, such as SATs and ACTs, but for others, it means the release of the Synopsys Science Fair Championship results. The Synopsys Championship is a program where studen...

Preparation for Synopsys Science Fair

Preparation for Synopsys Science Fair

Emily Xia

December 17, 2018

Research Club officers describe scientific demonstrations

Exploring the medical field

Exploring the medical field

Michelle Wong

November 17, 2017

lthough summer is still far away, due dates for summer program applications are just around the corner. During their meeting on November 13, Future Practicing Physicians Network introduced various internships and programs concerning medicine and research for students to look into. According to senior...

Three MVHS students make it to semifinal round of Siemens competition

Senior Arjun Subramonian believes that his project, which estimates the age of stars, is a cost-efficient and time-saving solution to a problem that astronomers commonly have.

Jasmine Lee

November 1, 2017

Siemen Competition, a prestigious science-based competition is well-known for many students, interested in the field of science research. Recently, two MVHS students, junior Anika Cheerla and sophomore Iris Xia, have become this year’s Siemens semifinalists. In addition, senior Arjun Subramonian has...

MV Science National Honor Society hosts Stanford guest speaker

Stanford postdoctoral researcher Katharine Grabek presents her research in hibernation genetics to a group of SNHS members. Grabek discussed how she became interested in scientific research and then opened the classroom for questions related to her career and to computational biology. Photo by Jessica Xing

Jessica Xing

April 17, 2017

Story by Jessica Xing and Jackie Way n April 17, Stanford postdoctoral researcher Katharine Grabek spoke about how she became interested in computational biology and how it applies to her current work focus: analyzing the hibernation cycles of squirrels by looking at their genetics. To the room full ...

The science of the universe: Research, rovers and space

The science of the universe: Research, rovers and space

Varsha Venkat

October 22, 2014

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MVHS Intel Science Talent Search competitors explain their research


March 16, 2014

Two 2014 Intel finalists and two semifinalists explain the theory behind their projects and share advice on getting research recognized. Read More »...

New STEM research class unfairly not made available to general student body

2012-13 Course Selection Sheet

Joyce Varma

September 8, 2012

This summer, administration found itself in an awkward situation. The FUHSD foundation had finally approved a STEM research class for MVHS and Lynbrook High School for the 2012-2013 school year, and the class at MVHS was to be taught by science teacher and Research Club advisor Renee Fallon. The only proble...